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naar dunnedarm-, dikkedarm-, endeldarm- en anuskanker.






TIL-study: Targeting colorectal cancer with the next generation of engineered immune cells: TEGs


Aim of study

The aim of the TIL study is to investigate whether there is a subtype of immune cells that can be used as a new treatment for patients with colorectal cancer. The TIL study hopes to discover new possibilities in the field of immunotherapy for patients with colorectal cancer. Some colon cancer patients do not benefit from the existing therapies. Immunotherapy is promising for only a small group of patients and with this study we hope that eventually many more patients can be treated with some form of immunotherapy. Therefore, we would like to study the subtypes of immune cells in both blood and tumor of patients with colon cancer.


Study design

From a selected group of PLCRC participants undergoing colon cancer surgery, blood and a piece of the resected tumor will be collected to be investigated in the laboratory. Hopefully this will lead to the discovery of new subtypes of immune cells that could be used for developing new types of immunotherapy.