PLCRC biedt een landelijk platform voor onderzoek

naar dikkedarm- en endeldarmkanker.





PLCRC for international visitors

The increasing division in different tumor subtypes requires a new way of enrolling patients in trials. This is one of the reasons why the Prospective Dutch CRC cohort (PLCRC) was founded. This is an observational cohort study in which all patients with colorectal cancer can be enrolled. PLCRC aims to facilitate both national and international research to improve the outcomes of patients with colorectal carcinoma.

In order to make this possible, clinical data are retrieved from the Netherlands Cancer Registry, tumor tissue and blood are stored and patient reported outcomes are collected after informed consent of the patient. With the data and material, scientific research in the broadest sense can be carried out.

By collaborating with existing organizations as IKNL, BBMRI and Profiles, in addition to many others, the time investment of a center per patient is relatively low. Centers are involved in the performed scientific research through the deputy in the scientific committee.

For more information regarding PLCRC andthe procedure for requesting data and material, please contact the study team: